Care guide for Innovation Living furniture: English 

Please note!
This guide has been developed by professional furniture specialists, however, please be aware that this care guide holds suggested guidelines for maintenance and that there is no guarantee that results will be completely successful. Consequently, please note that suggested methods are used on your own responsibility.   

All products

- Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight as this may cause materials to fade or crack. Direct sunlight includes sunlight coming through windows  

- Do not place your furniture too close to a heater as this may distort the material or surface finish

- Do not place your furniture directly against a wall

- Colored textiles may come off

- Rotate cushions regularly to even wear and fading

- Always keep the room in which your furniture is placed ventilated for normal humidity

- Innovation Living furniture is not warranted for outdoor use. Continual exposure in damp or wet environment will cause corrosion


Leather Look textiles

- For basic cleaning, please use vacuum or lightly brush the furniture to remove dust and grime

To remove light spots, please apply lukewarm water only – then dry immediately with dry cloth

Do not under any circumstances use any cleaning agents  

Do not cover your sofa bed with blankets, sheets or similar for longer periods as the sofa and the cover needs regular ventilation to avoid the fabric from cracking and peeling


Natural materials - wood and leather

Several Innovation Living models have wooden legs and/or arms. As wood is a living natural material that continues to work over time, its color and surface change according to the use of the furniture. Wood must be protected from direct sunlight to reduce fade.

Also, leather will fade just like other natural materials being exposed to sunlight and high heat. Consequently, furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight or direct heat from heaters or other heat sources over longer periods of time. Generally, natural leather lasts longer if it is cleaned and maintained regularly. Use cleaning agents intended for leather furniture only.


Other textiles

- For basic cleaning, please vacuum the furniture to remove dust and grime

- If your furniture is stained with beverages, food or the like, immediately wipe as much off as possible using a clean cotton cloth. If a stain remains, apply mild detergent foam with a soft brush or sponge in circular motions. The clean spot can be dried with a hair dryer using warm air only. Vacuum your furniture when the clean spot is dry. Remember to always pre-test on a small area not too obvious to the eye

- For tougher stains such as blood, oil, ink etc., please consult a professional dry cleaner


Metallic surfaces

- Dust regularly with a soft cloth  

- Never use scouring agents on metallic surfaces

- Repair damaged surfaces immediately to prevent corrosion

- Chrome and stainless steel must be treated and cleaned with a suitable cleaning agent

Please consult and expert for advice.


Innovation Living mattresses

Our mattresses are a further development of the traditional Japanese cotton mattress. By combining the qualities of the classic natural mattress with modern techniques and materials, we are creating healthy and comfortable mattresses for your home.

Innovation Living’s mattress range includes several options with various comforts, each a unique combination of layers and materials. This offers an optimal choice for various needs and user types.

Some Innovation Living mattresses feature cotton layers. Cotton is a naturally breathable material that helps the body adjust its temperature which is vital for proper sleeping. The mattresses compositions, unique build and flexible materials makes them ideal to use in sofa beds and beds with elevation.

For mattresses with many cotton layers it is recommended to beat the mattress in order to air and even out the fillings. This will help keep the mattress in shape and further maintain its level of comfort.

Always keep the room in which your furniture is placed ventilated for normal humidity, as high humidity will reduce the durability and comfort of the mattress.

Mattresses with several layers of cotton can possibly cast off a characteristic cotton odor. Daily ventilation will cause it to disappear within approximately 14 days.   

Contact your local Innovation Living dealer for further information about maintenance.


Innovation Living cushions

Our range of cushions are consisting of a mix of feather- and polyester fillings. These are combined to ensure the best back support and comfort. All cushion covers can be removed and cleaned. Please consult a professional dry cleaner.

To facilitate transportation, we have vacuum packed your cushions. This makes the filling look less plump. To get your cushions in shape, please remove the plastic and fluff up the cushion until the filling is plump and stretchy. If needed, repeat this a couple of times over the next few days. Regulate the corners of the cushion so that the filling is evenly spread; lastly you put the cushion into the cover.

Remember to fluff up the cushion regularly to maintain its shape. Keep the room and cushions ventilated to avoid humidity and thus extend the durability of your cushions.