• 1. Where can I order/buy an Innovation Living product?

    We sell though dealers worldwide. Please click at your region on the world map above and click on Dealers in the menu to find the dealer that is closest to you.   

  • 2. Is it possible to change the cover?

    A unique feature about the One Room Living and Multifunctional sofa beds (not available in the US) is that it is easy to to renew your sofa bed with a new mattress cover and/or frame cover.

    Detachable covers are available for the following One Room Living models:
    Aslak, Balder, Colpus, Fraction, Frigga, Fuji, Mimer, Minimum, Rollo, Skater, Vidar and Vili. 

    It is not possible to purchase new covers for the sofa beds issued in our Istyle range.

  • 3. My gear or slat is broken, who do I contact?

    By contacting our Customer Service through the online formula on the left we can send you new gears or slats for your One Room Living or Multifunctional sofa bed (not available in the US).

    Such spare parts are free of charge as we offer life time warranty on these parts on the models within our One Room Living range. 

    *Please note that this applies only to the frames of: Aslak, Balder, Colpus, Fraction, Frigga, Fuji, Mimer, Minimum, Rollo, Skater, Vidar & Vili.   

    In the unlikely event of larger parts braking, or if you need additional information in general, we kindly ask you to contact the shop where you bought your sofa.

  • 4. How long is the warranty?

    The period of the warranty depends on where you bought your sofa bed. However, we do provide 10 years warranty for spare parts and life time warranty on gears and slats on the One Room Living range and Multifunctional sofa beds. We kindly refer to read FAQ question 3 for further information.

  • 5. My cushion cover is missing?

    Most cushion covers are stored inside the seat of your sofa bed. Simply unzip the seat and find the covers.

    This applies to the following products:

    Ghia, Zeal, Frode, Recast Plus, Recast Plus chair, Rhomb, Sly, Upend, Cubed, Trym, Idun, Bragi, Bifrost D.E.L., Cassius D.E.L., Cassius Q, Cassius D.E, Supremax D.E.L, Supremax Q, Supremax D.E.

    In the unlikely event that your cover is actually missing, please contact the dealer from which you bought your sofa and they will be happy to assist you.

  • 6. Is it possible to add arms to a sofa originally bought without arms if we change our mind at a later stage?

    On the Clubber, Recast Plus, Rhomb and Long Horn sofa beds it is possible to buy arms as a separate add on without further changes on the sofa.

    Others* are modular in the sense that you can buy them as a version without arms and a version with arms. By ordering a new frame/bars and arms it is possible to convert a sofa bed originally bought without arms to a version with arms on the following models:

    Buri, Splitback, Dublexo, Fiftynine, Cubed, Long Horn D.E.L., Trym, Bragi and Supremax.

    Please be aware that colour differences on the fabrics may apply between the seat/back and the new arms.

    In order to proceed with the conversion from a sofa bed without arms to a version with arms please contact your local dealer and they will be happy to assist you.

  • 7. What is the composition of your fabrics?

    You can find information about a specific fabric by clicking at “Textile Collection 2017” at the bottom of the frontpage of our website. Please ensure you are in the right region by clicking your region on the world map above.

  • 8. How do I clean the cushion cover?

    You can remove the cover of your cushion by unzipping the zipper. We recommend to dry clean fabric covers.
    For products in ‘Leather Look’ fabrics, please wipe with a moist cloth, i.e. do not dry clean.
    These are only recommended cleaning options, please consult with a professional dry cleaner for any cleaning matters. 

  • 9. How thick are your mattresses?

    It depends on the type of sofa bed you choose. We have different types of comforts and you can find out more at the bottom of the frontsite by clicking ”Quality & Comfort”. Please make sure you are in the right region by clicking your region on the world map above.